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Rashi Goel

Our purpose is wired into our DNA

Reading Time: 5 minutes Our DNA, our nature sends us signals in the form of energy, emotions -both negative and positive, that point us in the direction of our purpose. All we need to do is to listen.

What is Performonks?

kicking monk in mid air

Reading Time: 4 minutes I’m finally getting around to clarifying the meaning of ‘Performonks’ and its genesis. 🙂  This is what the articles covers. It all started with the painful realization that I had no honest answer to a simple question, “Who Am I?” Any answer that popped into my head was incomplete without linking my identity to my employer’s […]

Chop wood carry water

Chop wood carry water

Reading Time: 4 minutes The path to mastery is paved with boredom. Learn to love the monotony of practicing the same thing a million times for world-class excellence.

The calf-paths of the mind

The calf-paths of the mind

Reading Time: 3 minutes We are slaves to calf paths of the mind. Blind adherence to paths of least resistance can have surprising consequences

Inertia needs Ozempic

Inertia needs Ozempic Inertia is a paradox. Like healthy fat.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nothing changes if nothing changes. Inertia needs a shakeup. I share examples from Bob Dylan’s career and the new exciting water in the US market- Liquid Death.

Luck = Outcome – Skill

Christopher Columbus

Reading Time: 8 minutes How do we take a rational view on where an activity falls along the skill-luck continuum? Time is the secret ingredient that reveals whether our success is a result of skill or luck.