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Mere exposure effect, facewash foam and mind chatter

Mere exposure effect, facewash foam and mind chatter
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Action> Mind Chatter

Overcommit on personal projects, so you are forced to deliver.
Under-commit and overdeliver on work projects so you stand out.
Either way. You’ve got to keep over-delivering.

In 2019, I went for a writer’s retreat with Alekhya. Check them out here. Mahima runs an intimate retreat full of great conversations and holds a nonjudgmental space for all ideas. People I met there have become lifelong friends. 

At this retreat, I came up with the idea of Performonks.

Creating in public can make one feel exposed. Thoughts of doom swim in my head. Will I be able to write consistently? Will I start shipping mediocre writing just to hit the addictive dopamine high of likes and retweets? Do I even know what I am talking about? And the very obvious devil on the shoulder – what will people think of me?

The only way to overcome this anxiety is Action > Overthinking. Like our latest Nescafe campaign – “Karne Se Hi Hona Hai” – “Things Only Get Done By Doing.”

So, I decided to put the mind chatter to rest and over-commit to this passion project. 

Mere Exposure Effect

I am fascinated by how much of our thoughts and actions result from our unconscious wiring. One such wiring is possibly responsible for the very existence of the media industry.

The Mere Exposure Effect is a proven psychological phenomenon that – “Frequent and repeated exposure to anything, increases its likability”.

Robert Zajonc conducted a ‘mere exposure’ experiment – in which he proved an increase in positive feelings towards even meaningless words & symbols with increased exposure.

Robert Zajonc’s ‘mere exposure’ experiment

#1 Implication for Brands: Even ‘average’ ads can become likable if media frequency is increased. Got an ad that communicates the right things about your brand and product, but is it average? Don’t worry. Just increase media frequency. 

#2 Implication for Marketers: If you are dealing with a difficult stakeholder, increase the frequency of your interactions. Even benign interactions that are regular, e.g. saying good morning every day, will increase your likability.

Put A Coin On Your Facewash Bubbles

A common perception is that soap dries out the skin. A conventional marketing tactic is to ‘bestow goodness credentials’ to soap by adding ‘caring’ ingredients like moisturizing crème or aloe vera to the list of ingredients. 

Japan has addressed this consumer barrier through creative technology. Japanese skincare marketers have developed facewash foam that can be whipped up into a lather so rich, fluffy, and voluminous that it looks and feels like heavy cream.  

The benefit story is that facial skin is so delicate that the pressure from our fingers, while cleansing, may cause wrinkles. Hence, the thick, creamy lather cleanses the skin deeply while caring for it. The foam is so substantive and thick that it does not collapse under the weight of a coin. 

This technology is waiting to be launched in India. Dove, are you listening? The thick, luscious foam makes the 1/4th moisturizing cream claim tangible and could be used for Dove Facewash.

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