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Rashi Goel

Social proof, google search and verbs

Aristotle was the originator of marketing
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Newsletter #3 20.10.2020

Social Proof

Social Proof is a fairly recent phenomenon. Robert Cialdini coined this phrase in 1984, to describe a form of influence when society at large adopts a belief. This happens as a result of people copying each other’s actions to fit in. Over time, they start believing said behavior ‘is the right thing to do’ in a given situation. This way, new behaviors and beliefs become a ‘normal’ and ‘accepted’ part of culture. 

National Geographic is famous for its memorable covers. For instance, the haunting Afghan Girl cover in 1985 became a symbol of the Afghanistan war. 

But in May 2018, the cover “Planet or Plastic?” set into motion, social proof against plastics. It galvanized intellectuals, journalists, and climate activists to discuss this serious issue. As a result, several companies have made commitments to reduce plastic pollution, starting June 2018 till date. 

Google Search has become our go-to for all our “I don’t know, let me find out quickly” moments. 

We might spend more time ‘deep searching’ on desktops, but look for quick answers when we are on the go, on our mobiles. 

But what about our consumers? 52% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Most of our consumers do not have a computer and surf the entire internet on their mobile phones.

Take a look at how the same search for ‘red dresses’ looks on desktop. There is a good chance for Myntra, Nykaa, Flipkart, Amazon, Posh Affair, and Berry Lush to get clicks, since all are visible without scrolling. I will hazard an educated guess that Myntra, followed by Nykaa stand the best chance.

Google Search for Red Dress on Desktop

And this is how the same search looks on a mobile. The only brand that shows up is Cover Story. One scroll up (not shown here) is Myntra.

Google Search for Red Dress on Mobile

The moral of the story is that in a country that is mobile first, it becomes critical to be the first ad in search, but on Mobile. 

Become a Verb

Some food for thought.

The most iconic brands are verbs. We Uber from office to home. We Facetime each other. We don’t photocopy, we Xerox. We AirBnB our holidays. We Google what we don’t know and Velcro kids’ shoes to make sure they don’t trip on their laces.

If your personal brand were to be a verb. What would it be? 

An award came my way

The good people at ET Prime and Accenture gave me an award last week. For Brand and Marketing Leader of the Year.

Felt great and I am so grateful to them for the recognition!

This got me thinking of how some of us manage to shine only because of the many many people supporting us. These are the moments especially, when gratitude for everyone holding me up and awareness that ‘this too shall pass’ keeps me grounded.