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Rashi Goel

Five features of Rural India demand

Five features of Rural India demand

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rural India contributes on average, one-third, to revenues of consumer goods companies, but five features make it a tricky market

The power law of distribution


Reading Time: 3 minutes Income inequality leads to a distribution power law. Businesses have to be intentional about which shops top focus on first.

Multilevel pricing


Reading Time: 2 minutes Consumer goods need to operate at multiple price points at the same time, to succeed in India

The shrinking packs

The shrinking packs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Shrinking packs is a common strategy adopted by consumer goods companies to protect profits in scenarios where consumers do not upgrade.

The sachet economy

Rich India, Poor Indians

Reading Time: 4 minutes Low disposable incomes make India an economy of magic price points and a sachet economy

The missing middle class

missing middle class

Reading Time: 3 minutes India’s middle class is not in the middle. Such is the income level, that the upper crust of society is its middle class.

One India, four markets


Reading Time: 4 minutes India is not one homogenous mass of consumers. Instead, it comprises four distinct market segments.

Rich India, Poor Indians


Reading Time: 4 minutes The India business opportunity looks rosy in aggregate. But in reality, it is low at an individual consumption level because so many Indians are so poor.